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It's Time to Break Free

Getting in the mindset for this month’s global theme “Freedom,“ brought to you by Shutterstock, we worked with the talented team at Shutterstock to create something around this month’s theme.

Pulling from past CreativeMornings talks, we chose quotes that resonated with us for their positive message on creative freedom. The Shutterstock design team depicted them in three short videos using assets from Shutterstock’s robust collection of over 1.5 million clips.

Our hope is that in watching these videos, it’ll spur your imagination to seize your creative freedom and get started making your best work.

Edited by Niko Brown, music credit is ‘Speaker Bunny’ by DJ Reset.

The quote in the above video comes from Jason VanLue’s CreativeMornings/Orlando talk on the intersection of design and technology. See the rest of the videos over on the Shutterstock Blog.

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