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• CMDERBY Zoom • part of a series on Biophilia

 Appreciate living things.
Commune with nature.
Bring the outdoors in.

Coined in the 1960s by Erich Fromm, “biophilia” refers to a beautiful idea: Whether it’s a human, an animal, a plant, or in the wild, humans have an innate desire and instinct to want to connect with nature and other living systems.The increasing hum of busy neighborhoods and cities, heavy traffic, and superficial reading on our devices can numb our natural senses. However, even in the most urban environments, we express our biophilia by placing a newly potted plant in the corner or allowing greenery to grow organically up concrete walls.Every day, we have the opportunity to grow into relentless stewards and protectors of our living environments, and not just lovers and beneficiaries of it all. Together, we exist. CreativeMornings speaker Missy Singer DuMars aptly said, “The nature around us is the nature within us.”Our Düsseldorf chapter chose this month’s exploration of Biophilia, Lara Paulussen illustrated the theme, and our new Global Partner Skillshare is presenting the theme globally!

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“Better doors and realities can only open when we collectively start to move differently.”Our San Diego chapter chose this month’s exploration of Radical and Maheswari Janarthanan illustrated the theme. Mailchimp is presenting the theme globally!

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How can we make space for new ideas and creative energy while staying in place?

While cars, trains, boats, planes, and our many modes of transportation may take us where we need to go — taking note of our inner worlds and soaking in the details around us can often be the best vehicles of renewal.

Your search might lead you to long strolls in nature, cooking to your favorite tunes, gazing up at the sky, or getting lost in an immersive process. Finding your calm and filling your cup first will help you become a fuller version of yourself — not only for you, but also for those who might need you.

Make a list of activities you can turn to when you need to get from point A to B. Leave it somewhere you can easily access and turn to it when things get tough.

Our Cleveland chapter chose this month’s exploration of Transit and Aleea Rae illustrated the theme.

Out next event is on 16th october and this months guest speaker is Ben Lumley

“A band of colors, expanding definitions, a broad array of identities — we all live within multiple spectrums”Our Las Vegas chapter chose this month’s exploration of Spectrum and Iandry Randriamandroso illustrated the theme.

This months event will be on 18th September and our speaker is Jo Berthelot.

August’s Theme is Stress.

“In the space between the stimulus and response, take some of the spotlight away from stress.”

Our Warsaw chapter chose this month’s exploration of Stress and Shanee Benjamin illustrated the theme.

Our next event will be on the 15th of August with guest speaker Lizzie Paish

Ladies and gentelmen of #CMDerby please let me introduce Matthew Baggley who will be delivering a ‘breathwork’ session live before this months amazing speaker jamie denyer takes the mic.

Matthew is a creative business leader, mentor and coach.  He is a qualified Oxygen Advantage® Breathwork Instructor and Mental Health Practitioner.  

Breathwork is so simple and yet it’s power to enable us to heal, progress and perform always astounds me. From managing the oxygen exchange of a GB elite who PB’d her 10km run to transforming a CEO’s sleep, unlocking an additional 6 hours of deep restoration and eradicating chronic fatigue, there are now dozens of stories of people changing their lives with breathwork. ⠀

Matt has run 30 ‘deep’ practices during The Lockdown, with a growing community of people who spend the hour breathing and then using a higher state of consciousness to unleashed the imagination and emotions. Nothing woo woo, it’s all science! ⠀

July’s Theme is Underdog.An underdog questions and expands what’s considered possible.When others expect them to lose, underdogs must lean on their self-trust and hard won experiences to envision and fiercely assert new realities. They do not dwell on what’s expected of them, but instead focus on what’s not expected of them.In “A Letter to My Nephew,” James Baldwin writes, “You were not expected to aspire to excellence. You were expected to make peace with mediocrity […] Take no one’s word for anything, including mine, but trust your experience. Know whence you came. If you know whence you came, there is really no limit to where you can go.”Whether you’re an underdog yourself or you know someone who is, you can help raise the bar. Recognize that every day is an opportunity to participate in life-affirming problem solving and to, and that every moment is an opportunity to engage creatively with your sense of what is possible.Call in and deploy your experience, your intuition, and your voice. The arena of change is calling.Our Edinburgh chapter chose this month’s exploration of Underdog, Astrid Jaekel illustrated the theme, and it’s presented globally by Mailchimp

June’s Theme is Insecure.

Insecurity shrinks our optimism, beliefs around potential, and blinds us to how things really are or how they could be. We project our greatest fears when we succumb to the negative ways we are conditioned to react.How can we start to overcome insecurity and strengthen ourselves?According to author Leo Babauta, we can begin with a small dose of courage: “A bit of courage. Just in small doses, to start with, but it means a willingness to set aside all the distractions for a little bit, and just focus on what you’re struggling with.”By observing and seeing, we can catch the early moments we allow our insecurities in. Pay attention to when you are being driven by insecurity and notice what exactly makes you contract. The secret is that the path out can be found in the patterns we have repeated thousands of times.Ignite a small dose of your courage and fiercely protect its flame. Commit to breaking one limiting belief at a time. With good work and focus, you’ll soon be able to spread your wings and fly higher.Our Louisville chapter chose this month’s exploration of Insecure, Rachael Sinclair illustrated the theme, and it’s presented globally by

Speaking of Wordpress Honor your work, #OwnYourContentOur beloved Own Your Content series is back for an encore! For Season Three, we’re revisiting our favorite insights to learn various ways we can honor our work by owning our content, especially in the face of uncertainty. We’ll also be sharing generous webinars and timely resources to complement your reading. Presented in partnership with more.

May’s Theme is Nature.

What can nature teach us about living with strength, vulnerability, and grace during these challenging times?

In the book Emergent Strategy. by Adrienne Maree Brown, Naima Penniman reflects on the decentralized strength of oak trees: “Amidst the whipping winds and surging water, the oak tree held its ground. How? Instead of digging its roots deep and solitary into the earth, the oak tree grows its roots wide and interlocks with other oak trees in the surrounding area.”It’s natural to be feeling alone and scared when storms come our way. But nature, in all its forms and stages, shows us time and time again that resilience comes from adapting, collaborating, and leaning on the support systems around us. By moving away from the idea that we need to be strong on our own, we open up possibilities in our lives and build our collective resilience.Whether it’s in person or from afar, find the networks you can interlock with and ground yourself in them. Lean on those branches of support and hold on tight. Surviving and thriving in hard times requires us to bind together even while apart.Our Salt Lake City chapter chose this month’s exploration of Nature, David Habben illustrated the theme, and it’s presented globally by

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