Latest community minutes

1/ Henry

Henry works with VibePay (they’re a payment solution) and on the look out for creators/sellers online who are fed up with Seller Fees. If anyone is interested in a quick chat about these issue that’ll be turned into some PAID social content, please get in touch with henry.dixon [at] 

2/ Alice

I am looking for a room in a shared house in East London! Highbury and Islington, Canonbury, Angel, Shoreditch! I am super easy going, cook and eat a lot of Italian food and am a screenwriter, so you’ll never be short of film and tv recommendation!! Email me at alice.rosso10 [at]

3/ Hannah

Looking for people who would be up for making a 1 minute video talking about a piece of classical music they like. Get in touch!

4/ James

Over the last year I have been hosting more than 20 creative gatherings exploring themes of our times from worldview to self doubt through audio visual arts & dialogue. I am now looking to partner up with universities, organisations and people to see ways the various findings can be shared. Email find.enlight [at]

5/ Masks

My sister makes Homemade, Sustainable and Reusable Mask, you can find them on her Etsy. Including a BLM mask where profits go to BLM charities:

6/ Hannah

I have just published an events guide for the live classical concerts taking place in parks, bandstands, cinemas, car parks, cafes and theatres around the UK over the next couple of months. You can also follow @alterclassical for more recommendations. Enjoy!

May Community Minutes

1/ Jim McCarthy-Cheung

If you need someone to help you get started with Mailchimp, CM London team member and email marketing specialist @jm_mccrthy is here to lend a hand with top tips, general advice and more. Get in touch with him directly for a chat.

2/ James Kite

Hello CM family,

As part of my Find Enlight Project, I am offering an ear, deep listening and conversation / interesting questions to anyone who wants to share their lockdown experience & we will be collecting this into an online magazine.

Get in touch, if you want to share stories, animate or just say hi & find out about other projects we have going. 

Insta @find.enlight / email: find.enlight[at]

3/ Francesca Elisia, Creative Spirit Circle

@francescaelisia​ & @creativespiritcircle

Hello, I’m an artist, therapist & coach. I offer a free online course with 30 days of journal prompts.

Insight - 30 days of journaling to explore your creativity, desires, passions and purpose

Take a look and sign-up here:

More info about coaching and other programs here:

4/ Freeborn yoga on Sundays

Freeborn yoga, Sundays 6 - 7pm on Zoom. DM @freebornlive on Instagram for the link!

5/ Conscious isolation

Free online series of exhibitions and artist talks – follow @consciousisolation for free tutorials to art students who have lost access to their educations institutions on Wednesdays 4 - 6pm. 


March Community Minutes

If you want to get in touch with any of our community members below, email london [ at ] and we’ll connect you.

1/ Elena

Is available as an Italian/English/French translator. Get in touch via 

elenau2001 [at]


February Community Minutes

If you want to get in touch with any of our community members below, email london [ at ] and we’ll connect you.

1/ Stefano

I would like to learn what it means to be a creative for you and how that impacts your mental health. Whatever you consider “creative”, please reach out and we can have a chat and learn from each other. 

2/ Andy de Vries / @mightyelk

Renting 2 creative desk spaces in our studio in Hackney Wick

Also raising funds for our public art piece @walalaparade by Camille Walala

3/ Sofia Chei

Body Positive beginner friendly community classes brought to you by @queertwerk and Twerk After Work. Classes are currently based in Greenwich West Community Arts Centre every 3rd Saturday of the month 4-5pm. First class 22.02.20 @queertwerk on instagram.

4/ David Reeve

Where the Leaves Fall is a magazine exploring humankind’s connection with nature and we’re looking for global stories told as locally as possible. Writers, photographers, illustrators, artists. Etc. Get in touch. @wtlfmag

5/ Oliver Cable 

Looking to collaborate with anyone needing words for their projects: magazines, events, art projects etc. Get in touch!

Portfolio at 

6/ Leon Jacques

I have just released my debut album Nomad available on all streaming platforms and looking to collaborate and share with any and all creatives who think they may be able to help me out. Particularly if you are savvy with pR, marketing or design. My next performance is at Earth in dalston on 5th March and is free entry so please do come along if you have some time. :)

7/ Nadaav Soudry

Say: I’m making a new short film - a comedy drama about a child, fantasizing about rebelling against strict religious father. Looking for a film producer to collaborate on the project. Take a look at my work at and drop me a line. 

8/ Jamie Crawford


Message: Freelance Designer looking for work on all sorts of products from print to digital and branding.

9/ James Kite 

Email (

Over the last year I have been hosting more than 20 creative gatherings exploring themes of our times from worldview to self doubt through audio visual arts & dialogue. I am now looking to partner up with universities, organisations and people to see ways the various findings can be shared. 

10/ Ale Rojo

I’m a passionate designer looking to collaborate in projects around advertisement or UI UX experience in London.

11/ Anat Shabi

Getting Lego Serious Play into schools as a creative tool to help give children an expressive medium. It’s awesome! Any help in piloting in schools would be appreciated. Thank you.

12/ Sophie Mackenzie & Bethany Gill

Insta: @wordsby_____

Message : We spoke poetry at this incredible event, so what better time to introduce ourselves! We’re a poetry book hosting the words of 138 humans between our walls. We present everyone’s words equally: sex workers, transgender poets, homeless wordsmiths, singer-songwriters, refugees, migrants and of course, incredible spoken word performers and poets from across the UK. We donate 100% profits to UNICEF and host inclusive events across London showcasing these talented humans. Please follow us on instagram @wordsby____ and/or buy our book via Amazon, Waterstones or Book Depository. 

January Community Minutes

If you want to get in touch with any of our community members below, email london [ at ] and we’ll connect you.

Anna Panayi

Looking for a role in product management in a more creative field.


Zahra Khamisa

Moving to Nairobi, Kenya - looking to connect about interesting opportunities. Specifically in sport and working with woman of colour!


Chloe Tomalin

Looking for a job in business development / marketing in the creative industries. My background is in fashion business consultancy. I’m also on the CreativeMornings socials team so if anyone has any social gigs going help a girl out! Thanks :) @chloetomalinldn


Glynnis Mapp Jacquard

Contact: Yoga teacher and founder at @wearebirdsofparadise - Birds of Paradise

Mindful marketer. I’ve launched a new company, Birds of Paradise, hosting first event on 2nd February in Brixton (100 Barrington Road). Looking to connect with other people through wellness space and to build more community via yoga teaching and wellness events.


Tanya Naveen

Dignity in Displacement, Working on a design challenge by RSA, “how might we support displaced individuals to find hope, dignity and safety to rebuild their lives? I would love for people to share their stories and experience or give us suggestions or any feedback they have.


Sharan Jaswal

I’m an Educator, Facilitator & Changemaker so contact me for youth education projects, especially in the social justice & wellbeing space. Also, come along to our next #POCIMPACT event on 13th Feb ‘The Human Book Club’ for People of Colour in the Social Impact sector (search #POCImpact on eventbrite!)


Martina Gleeson  Instagram`;

Illustrator, Storyboarder and visual artist. Comedy writer and general creative. Bursting with ideas and excited to work on new and challenging projects. I love working with people to make their ideas a reality.


Sara Bender

Baby stuff and maternity stuff PLEASE!


Anna Kelmishkeyt

100% natural fruit strips from misshapen fruit that have not passed the  Supermarket beauty contest.  Hand made  the snack keep 95%  of the vitamins that can be found in fresh produce. Looking for some  testers. Will  send trial pack for some feedback on flavours, packaging, and general feedback.  


Hima Javvadi

7+ years of UX Designing experience worked with Vodafone and Fintec company BNYM Pershing open to new challenge ( part time / Full time )


Sandeep Johal

I am a performance coach, and usually work with leaders in the corporate world. I help and facilitate people tap into their potential and thrive. I would love to trade my services and skills for help in website copy/ website development/ social media presence/ public speaking!!


December Community Minutes

If you want to get in touch with any of our community members below, email london [ at ] and we’ll connect you.

1/ Moustafa

I do fine art and character design and publish it on my Instagram account, check it out here: @mwartgamer_96

2/ Curtis Lewis

A platform called @Dose that focuses on queer poc inclusion in film, telling stories from the intersectional point of view. 

3/ Luke

I’m running a retreat weekend in March 13th-15th 2020 and looking for a yoga teacher, any wellness brands interested in running workshops or partnership, volunteers & anyone interested in coming along!


November Community Minutes

If you want to get in touch with any of our community members below, email london [ at ] and we’ll connect you.

1/ Theo

What is Holy Bam Bam? If you know any spiritualist groups/ cults gatherings, I would love to learn more about that world, so please let me know. Cheers.

2/ Clare Barry from Urban Curiosity

I offer training and talks to help people who think for a living bring more compassion, creative courage and effectiveness to their work. I’m looking for new clients and collaborators.

3/ Sam Furness

Running a project called This is what it feels like - exploring an itnersection in patterns in visual design & way we think. Looking for people with experience of negative mental health patterns / pattern design / mental health research 

4/ Anand

Having just graduated, I’m looking for a role within a start-up/social enterprise/project geared towards mental health and spreading compassion. I have experience holding/facilitating events and can deploy creative strategies to bring people together and make things happen. BIG SMILES. BIG HUGS. BIG LOVE.

5/ Cerian

I’m releasing my new single today, which is called “Our Love Is”. As an independent artist I really appreciate the support of anyone who wants to listen / buy / stream, and have been so grateful for the Creative Mornings community and their encouragement! Check out my single here:

Or on my socials @CerianMusic

6/ Nerissa 

A creative (singer/actor/mental health advocate) new to London looking to meet likeminded people and interested in other creative collectives and jam sessions in London. Living Southwest London. Contact me @nerissakay

7/ Malina Skabas

I am graduating from university and I am looking for a job within marketing or advertising anywhere in the world. My goal is to find an enaging  workplace that encourages creativity and positivity. I am extremely well organized and I work well under pressure. 

If you want to get in touch with any of our community members below, email london [ at ] and we’ll connect you.

1/ Theo

Videographer for HIRE!!!

2/ Ric Baldock

Surfers Against Sewage:, marine conservation charity working to protect our oceans. 

3/ Nina Rubesa

Video podcast production & distribution company looking for new clients + looking for companies who are innovating in how they empower their employees to be happier at work 

4/ Veronica Melkonian

WE MAKE MUSIC - for brands, agencies, filmmakers and techmakers across TV, film, ads, apps, content and more. Also always great to meet composers and producers - particularly from diverse backgrounds!! 

5/ Uslan

Looking for someone with commercial interior design exp (could be exhibition/architec /fit out) for a clinet. Also lookinf for an exhibition space in East London for amazing group art show next year

6/ Natalja

Looking for business and individuals that work for social or environmental good, also people form underrepresented communities, to do some graphic design for! 

7/ Gabby

I’m looking for a new side hustle/a new fun creative project and people to collaborate and make great stuff together with. 

8/ Joy

I organise a jam night called Imaginary Millions at the book club in Shoreditch. free entry, good music, good vibes. Everyone is welcome to share. No sign up sheet. No expectations. No judgement. Next one’s November 3rd

9/ Ketishia 

Today was my first ever Creative Mornings! I’m a photographer, content creator and hula-hoop teacher! I’m coming to the end of my contact at my current job in creative communications (it literally finishes today), so I’m now looking to collaborate with creatives on new stuff. I will be launching my blog next month around music, art and ethical/sustainable fashion. Let me know if you want to work together! 

10/ Annat

Introducing flow, creativity and relaxation with LegoSeriousPlay workshop

Offering a pilot lunchtime workshop for employees to get immersed in lego explore creativity and RELAX. Last week in November and first week in December

Thank you

If you want to get in touch with any of our community members below, email london [ at ] and we’ll connect you.

1/ Robert W Mason

Call for Subjects - Solidarity portrait series

2/ Richard Falkus

Connected by Humanity are passionate about creating spaces for people to connect face-to-face. Could you help spread the word?

3/ Isla Suddek

Looking for passionate friend to join me on my mission to train people to talk to strangers through in-field training and youtube video creations. Want to learn how to coach? Have video editing skills? Get in touch!

4/ James KiTE 

Inviting people to join my project of human connection & social engagment on a weekly basis called IN Person (Exploring Themes Like Worldview / Catharis  & Celebrating Humanity)

5/ Elena/Hellen Uderzo

Tea with Strangers, a community of strangers that gather to share conversations about all sorts of topic. Link:

6/ Diana Morales Coello

I am looking to work in quality assessment jobs, related to certification, inspection or testing in London. I have had experience as an auditor and as part of an accreditation body working with ISO standards. 

If you want to get in touch with any of our community members below, email london [ at ] and we’ll connect you.

Deborah Madelaine

Research into starting a business in celebrations and parties

Rebekah Heineke

Babes Balanced. Creates unique events + retreats for fit-curious women. Upcoming event Nude Glow Yoga about body positivity at Ministry of Sound on Thursday 29 th August.

SailFit 4 day Fitness & Wellbeing retreat. 28 th September – 1 st October.

Instagram: @babesbalanced

SailFit retreat:

Kat Maclennan

Visual Merchandising Consultant, Retail and Window design; looking for work @kat_maclennan

Gina Moccio

Get in touch with women entrepreneurs who want to support you in your business journey! // @babecrafted

Ashley O’Callaghan

Working with the GLA to explore how we can better use commercial space of new builds in Hackney area. Need creatives willing to be interviewed who rent studio space.

Kat & Katy from Dalton Maag

Typeface Design Studio looking for Junior Graphic Designer, Software Developer and Account Manager. All information and how to apply at

Imaginary Millions

Live Jam Night at the Book Club in Shoreditch. Every first Sunday of the month. 7-11pm. No sign-up sheet. No expectations. No judgement. Come and create with us.

Contact: @imaginarymillions (Instagram)

Stefano Bellucci Sessa

How do you take care of your mental health as a creative person? Let’s have a chat over a coffee and share tipsContact: (twitter/Instagram)

Sara Bender

Turns out, September 20th is the next Creative Mornings! So, why not plan to start your day with us and then join the youth and strike for climate justice.

UKSCN is a group of mostly under 21s who are creating a strong movement – inspired by Greta Thunberg – to mobilise students and send a message that they are tired of being ignored. 

The government declared a climate emergency. The 6th mass extinction is happening now. We’re living in an ecological crisis. While these Climate Strikes won’t solve the crisis alone, this moment can demonstrate that people are no longer willing to continue with business as usual.  

Motivate 1 million people in the UK to to step up and strike with the youth on 20th September.

Go to to join your local youth on their strike.


Doodleledo is be back with another Doodleledo POP UP! Wednesday 11 September 6:30-8:30pm at Coal Drops Yard. 

This time they’re partnering up with the most beautiful hand made candle makers in London: Earl of East. Get ready for an immersive multi-sensory evening filled with drawing games, the world of wonderful natural scents, sharpening your senses and letting your creativity fly.