What We’re all about

Every event is an opportunity to discover a new corner in the city, a different perspective and likeminded individuals who are warm and open to conversation with a stranger!

Join us once a month on Friday, in a different location for some inspiration to take with you through the weekend! Breakfast starts at 8am with a little networking, followed by an intimate and personal talk from a selected Creative from this city. Our speakers are local and are setting their imprint in this city, and for this rare occasion - opening themselves up in the most vulnerable way to teach us, inspire us, make us laugh…or cry. Sign up to our newsletter (on the right!) to stay in touch for our next event!

Want to volunteer with us?

Every event is made possibly by the amazing team of CM Malmo volunteers! Check out our current team on our about section! Interested in becoming a part of our core team or want to help us the day of with set up? Involvement can be on different levels. Below is a rundown on the different roles within the team.

Volunteer Coordinator
Venue Coordinator
Speaker Coordinator
Sponsor Coordinator
Event Host
Event Coordinator
Media Coordinator
Social Media Manager
Content Manager
Photographer -we are always looking for photographers to jump in on one of our events!
Videographer - we are always looking for videographers to jump in on one of our events!

Interested? Email us malmo@creativemornings.com