Important Update: With the increasing health risk posed by COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we are postponing our event this month. We’ll miss spending time with you, but it’s more important to help our larger community stay safe and healthy.

In the meantime, we’d like to try something new. Next Friday, we’re hosting a virtual event for you to attend. Community is so important to us. Let’s stay connected in a new way. Stay tuned for details very soon.

Also, we want you to feel supported and surrounded by creatives, even if we can’t share the same room. We are pairing community members up on a voluntary basis. If you’d like to be matched with someone to enjoy a virtual coffee with this month, send us a message and we’ll connect you.

In the words of our friend Melanie G.S. Walby, “Good things can come from bad things.” We hope this brings our community together in new ways.

-💚CreativeMornings/Minneapolis team

Happy March! This month’s theme is Identity, chosen by chosen by CreativeMornings/Jakarta, illustrated by Nadya Noor, and presented by our new global partner Basecamp.Save the date for Friday, March 20. Event details here!

This month’s theme is Preserve, chosen by CreativeMornings/Charleston and illustrated by Chris Nickels. Join us May 17! Event details

Happy March! This month’s theme is Water, chosen by CreativeMornings/Perth and illustrated by Sofia Varano. Click here for event details! Free tickets available on Monday morning.