The first thing we normally mention when we talk about Odessa - it is a port city, located right on the coast of the Black Sea. As any port city, it is vibrant, it is romantic, and it can be incredibly different.

With its busy cultural life, Odessa is city of many festivals: International Film Festival, Odessa//Batumi Photo days, the Mute Nights — larger mute film festival at West Europe, a lot of music big festivals — jazz, modern, classic, with big open-air concerts and a lot of possibilities to tourists and local citizens to involve and enjoy the art pieces. I proud to be a part of few of them and I like to involve more people to this events.

From 19th century to the new millenium Odessa has developed quite a remarkable cultural landscape. We proudly show our Opera House to tourists but underground cultural and art life is now of no less interest.

We are a creative team from a creative, multi-ethnic city open to global trends. We see CreativeMornings as another possibility to unlock the potential of our city and join the global community of creative changemakers.