Welcome to our first virtual CreativeMornings/Vienna team talk. ☕️ Our hosts Andrea Zehetner and Sandra Ulrich talked with Emanuel Jochum, Franziska Liehl and Sebastian Flek about the topic “Home Office” and the challenges during times of isolation. 🏠

How are YOU doing in the current situation?

The talk is in German.

Dear Community, CreativeMornings/Vienna is a strong community. We’ve been monitoring the international and domestic response to the growing concerns over COVID-19. Public health authorities are strongly advocating the use of “social distancing” as a way to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and calling on community organizations to seek out alternatives to large social gatherings. We care about your safety, and the safety of the broader community, and feel it is more important than ever to find ways to connect and celebrate creativity, culture, conversation, and community.Therefore we have cancelled the event this month. Until further notice from the government our April event will be moved online.We believe in the power of gathering face to face. But we also believe in protecting the health and safety of our creative community, so the hugs and high fives will have to be digital during these extraordinary circumstances! We look forward to updating you with more information as it becomes available. We ask you to take care of those who are at risk and stay at home. Stay healthy!
Andrea and Sandra
and the Team of CreativeMornings/Vienna

Dear community,

we want to take this opportunity to introduce our new and amazing hosts of CreativeMornings/Vienna – Sandra Ulrich & Andrea Zehetner. 🎉🎉
Since January 2019 together with our marvelous team, we have been working on making every event a special experience for you.

📝 Additional to hosting CreativeMornings/Vienna, Sandra works at Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann as etat director.

📸 As a self-employed photographer and designer in Vienna, Andrea implements her daily business into her hosting experience at CreativeMornings/Vienna. andreazehetner.com

We can’t wait to show you what we have planned! ☕️🥐🍩🍵

With love,
Andrea & Sandra 💚

Takeaways “Taboo”, Thomas Kunze

Videospiele im Bildungskontext: Schulen sollten spielen!

  • „Fun is just another word for learning!“ (Raph Koster, Game Designer“)
  • Beim Spielen gibt es keine Hemmschwelle, das Verlieren gehört dazu!
  • Game over – try again!
  • Spiele lassen sich an die Kompetenzen, Interessen und Erfahrungen des Spielers/der Spielerin anpassen.
  • Lernspiele = chocolate covered broccoli
  • Entwickeln wir gemeinsam eine spielerische Einstellung! Let’s develop a playful mind together!

Astghik Der Sakarian
How transparency creates space for discussion
According to the Cambridge dictionary the meaning of the word transparency can be: -  “the characteristic of being easy to see through“ or also

- „the quality of being done in an open way without secrets“

This months’ global topic, as usual, gave generous room for interpretation in numerous different directions. As part of this year`s business riot festival – a girls-only conference focused on women and the creative employment market – CreativeMornings Vienna was excited to host architect Astghik Der Sakarian. The October event took place at the Donauhof Wien, a recently created event space in the 2nd district of Vienna.

In the field of architecture, the notion of transparency can be viewed in both of the above mentioned dimensions. It is of great importance in terms of the material that is chosen for a certain structure but, moreover, has to be applied in the development department, while planning a building. In fact, even before sitting down at the drawing board, an evaluation, taking into account all participants involved, is crucial. This evaluation has to define not only the finances and the scope of the project but also all important requirements as far as purpose, function as well as the (present or future) location of a structure, are concerned. Thereby, only a transparent process guarantees the involvement of all stakeholders and thus the best possible outcome. This can generally be applied, whether for the building of a private residence or while working on a public or community space. Only in transparent work processes general exchange of experience and knowledge leads to the contribution of all potential partners.

Astghik Der Sakarian has successfully applied transparency while collecting ideas for new buildings, planning as well as during the implementation phase in many projects and various countries in the CEE-region as well as while working in Mexico. Together with fellow architect Heide Schick Der Sakarian found Beluga & Töchter in 2007 and in 2015 Der Sakarian atelier. Astghik focuses on private housing, urban development and participatory urbanism. She gives lectures and workshops at universities worldwide.

Check out what Astghik Der Sakarian had to say about the impact of CreativeMornings Vienna:

Katharina Moser – A European love story

For those who could not make it to July’s talk about LOVE, here comes a short summary:

“Europe is not an idea but a living experience.”

In the midst of crisis Europe should embrace its biggest asset - diversity.“

”Learning about people as well as their backgrounds can only enrich our lives and open our eyes for new ideas, opinions and places.”

 “Considering Europe’s 28 countries and 24 languages - love comes in all different expressions, colors, shapes and sizes. <3 “

Since the secession in Vienna has always provided space for revolutionary thinking, extraordinary ideas and has hosted many brilliant minds over the course of time, the beautiful building with the “cabbage dome” in Vienna’s first district was the perfect place to host July’s CreativeMornings Vienna event on the particularly versatile topic of love.

And yes, Vienna-based Katharina Moser, passionate European, entrepreneur and author had a very special love story to tell – about her love for Europe, for the idea of overcoming barriers, the spirit of cross-cultural adventure and especially the mixture of people that feel diverse but connected at the same time.

When “Europe asked her out on the first date” she was learning about cultural differences by sharing an apartment with a group of people from all over Europe in the Spanish city of Madrid. By sharing stories about their differences they overcame what set them apart in the beginning, even enjoyed their differences and found “common ground”. Katharina discovered, Europe, for her, meant exactly that. Shared stories, maybe even “a” shared story. That learning about other people as well as their backgrounds can only enrich our lives and open our eyes for new ideas, opinions and places.

Like in every love story there where “wonderful days of joy and excitement”, but also came the “times of crisis”, a period in her life she spent with someone who was not able to share her political views and passion on Europe’s diversity. Thus many discussions on politics and opinions, as it happens when you care about someone, that relationship came to an end, while her “love story with Europe continued and even got stronger”. She finally made her relationship with Europe “official” by founding her own company in 2015. MOSAIK, an agency for European communication projects that aims to create a positive European spirit.

“Europe and I have our good and our bad days”.
 Katharina Moser firmly believes that, only when we are interested in each other, we can benefit on a personal or even a political or economic level. “Just like in a relationship, you do not leave or quit, as soon as things get difficult”. Since Katharina voices her opinion, that Europe has to be creative especially in times of crisis, one of her company’s core principles is to connect stakeholders from diverse fields and disciplines and by that create new synergies. Katharina Moser prompts people to realize that Europe`s diversity and differences are its biggest asset. Like in a relationship, one can only grow by overcoming obstacles together. Considering Europe’s 28 countries and 24 languages - love comes in all different expressions, colors, shapes and sizes. “But that is the beauty of love, you can never be sure where it will take you.”

Learn more about Katharina Moser’s ideas and projects such as the quirky card game “Come on over” or the Europe-Trip in Vienna “Route 28”:

Also check out her book on what Europeans consider typical Austrian “Servus, Bussi und Baba”:

Here is another “lovely” version of Katharina`s talk made by Brightdaylight Visuals:

 Up for some historical facts about the European Union? Refresh your memory:

Traveling Europe does not have to be expensive. Get some tips on how to travel through Europe on a budget:

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All you need is love

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Creative meeting spots in Vienna

December’s theme is TIME. As there won't be an event in Vienna this month, we'd like to motivate you to use those few hours of spare time and spend them on meeting new awesome creatives in Vienna.

For doing so, we’ve collected some of our favourite places to meet up, drink a coffee, have a chat or do some work and talk to new people.

Cafe Phil

Jonas Reindl

(@alicekatter) on

Balthasar Kaffee Bar


Impact Hub Vienna

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Top Kino

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Post written by Alice, social media & community architect at CreativeMornings Vienna