About CreativeGuild

The CreativeGuild is a labor of love by CreativeMornings

Introducing the CreativeGuild

For the past 9.5 years CreativeMornings has been changing the way the creative world connects with one another, by bringing together people who are driven by passion and purpose.

Our monthly events are filled with big-hearted humans who support one another, and are collectively raising the bar on what it means to be creative.

With the launch of the CreativeGuild we are taking this powerful community online, translating our IRL community values to an online network, and expanding the possibilities for connection, beyond our monthly events.

The CreativeGuild is a membership-based online network for creative companies and individuals. Key features include company pages that not only highlight a company’s work but showcase their personality, a global job board where members can post unlimited job postings, and (coming soon) an inspiration feed you can filter and curate to your own tastes as a user.

What we Believe

We built the CreativeGuild because we felt lost looking for a place online that could fuel, support, and inspire our creative life. Other social and professional networks were leaving us wanting more - more privacy, more control, more connection. We decided to build a place for those who give a damn about the platforms they engage in and are willing to show up with big-hearts and open minds.

We value trust, kindness, and generosity. We believe in celebrating others, supporting them in their pursuits, paying it forward, and encouraging everyone to live their most courageous creative life.

We believe in building a space on the Internet that optimizes for opportunities over advertisements, for human experience over user data, and where online interactions feel more like face-to-face connections.

Why CreativeGuild Companies?

The CreativeGuild will start out as a global directory of creative companies and jobs (with individual profiles coming soon!) but our hunch is it will evolve into much more. A place for creatives to meet, that will open doors to new connections and opportunities, and will act as one of your biggest supporters throughout your creative journey.

We hope to create a space where small studios get discovered for big gigs, where creative companies can uncover the hidden talent in their city, and where everyone can see a snapshot of the best, most creative work coming out of their city.

If you have questions we haven’t answered here, you can read more in our CreativeGuild knowledge base.

What’s Next?

In the spring, we will launch CreativeGuild Individuals, which will do even more than our existing Profile pages to help create real connections between our members and open more doors than ever before. We’ll tell you all about them soon.

You may notice a few changes in the navigation here on creativemornings.com, including a link to CreativeGuild, a new Jobs tab, and that our People section was re-named Individuals. We will continue to re-organize some of our content and may update navigation again as we incorporate feedback about CreativeGuild – please let us know if something you need is missing at human@creativeguild.com!

Thank You

CreativeGuild is still in its fledgling stages, but rather than waiting for everything to be done and perfect, we opted to share it with you so you could try it out, connect, help us set the tone, and grow from the heart just like our cherished in-person community. We appreciate you!

Email us at human@creativeguild.com

Find us on Twitter at @creativeguild_

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