Seth Godin, renowned blogger, bestselling author, and entrepreneurial marketer, on what we’re getting wrong at work — and how we can change it.

“Demand responsibility but don’t worry at all about authority.“

Seth Godin, a bestselling author, entrepreneur and marketer, believes that we have a few things backwards when it comes to getting the work we want and positioning ourselves in the direction we want to go. In this CreativeMornings/NewYork talk from May 2013, he reminds us that it is deep within us to let those in ‘authority’ tell us what to do. But, he encourages us to shift the tone from authority to responsibility. Do work on purpose. Make things that matter, even if they’re unpopular. Create work environments that help you succeed, even when that means failing first. And, in his words, go and make something happen.

Watch the talk.

Photo credit: Brian Bloom

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