Taking from your game play experience and knowing what you enjoyed there, it is very easy to take from there and move it into a different experience

“Though some of the titles I gave myself involve dragon slaying, no dragons were slayed this morning” :) Game-like thinking I also use in other areas. For example in education for adults aka training. I design game-like experiences for educational purposes. How you can use game mechanics in other things: in creative processes, in organisational processes or maybe just in life - if you get bored with what you have to do: for example paying taxes you can think about it like slaying the dragon. You can manage to see bureaucracy as a chain of quests. Step by step games create confidence in the things that you learn, they involve creative problem solving and out of the box approaches. So how similar are you with your in-game avatar?

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Gamer, occasional dragon slayer and passionate about saving the universe. Adrian worked as a marketer at Amused Sloth, a local game studio (http://www.amusedsloth.com) and content designer for experiential game-like trainings at Solver.

Adrian feels right at home in fiery fields darkened by raging demons and in the depths of space where screaming is futile and thinks that games are serious business. He even bought his couch to suit his gaming needs. An avid collector, he might need 600 consecutive days to finish playing his library.

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