“Death is a bitch, but it can also be one of your best friends.” – Antonio Moore, founding chief executive officer, More Than Just A Village Academy Inc.

Surgery. Recovery. Surgery. Recovery. That was Antonio Moore’s life for almost two years after a horrific motor vehicle accident. But from near-death came new life, from pain came something incredibly positive.

There’s birth. There’s death. And there’s the journey in between. Is it time to kill off an old part of something in your life and start something new?

About the speaker

Antonio Moore is a national public speaker and the founding chief executive officer of More Than Just A Village Academy Inc. (MTJAVA) with more than 15 years of healthcare/nursing consulting and community engagement experience.

While serving as a quality & process improvements consultant, he examines current business and municipal practices in relationship to industry best practices to develop strategic improvement plans.

As CEO of More Than Just A Village Academy Inc., he has not only promoted civic responsibility, academic achievements and personal accountability throughout communities in Nebraska, Iowa, Louisiana and Colorado, he has lead MT JAVA to its position as one of the fastest growing and most impactful high school program providers in the Omaha Public School system.

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