Keren Segal, artist, curator, producer and painting teacher, talks about her path to fulfilling big dreams and daring to be true to herself. Keren’s art project “Life in Tutu” is an inspection of grand themes like religion, identity and war.

About the speaker

Keren Segal Born in 1985, based in Tel Aviv. A self-taught painter, independent curator, and producer of exhibitions. Often deals with her work in resignation and contrast between the dark and the naive; A subject that bothers us in our daily life and raises questions that establish our identity as individuals. Over the past year, Keren has been creating a series of works called Life In Tutu, which relates first and foremost to the connection to the inner child. Beyond that, the choice to combine the Tutu skirt with religion, gender, and sector is in fact a projection of that connection between the dark - one clear truth that cannot be deviated from, and naive - curiosity and the search for individual truth.

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