Public transit will always be Caitlin Little’s “beast of burden.”

Think about some of the defining moments in your life – did you arrive at them by car, plane or bus? Caitlin Little is letting us ride shotgun for this glimpse into one person’s journey through life and how transit has moved them so far. Sure, there’s talk of cars filled with balloons and CDs coated in saliva – but there’s also an important call to action.

About the speaker

Caitlin Little is a performance artist, arts advocate and karaoke star. They are passionate about the essential function art plays in sustaining places economically and culturally and has worked to advocate for arts and culture districts in Nebraska and other incentives to support them.

Caitlin is a co-founder of Petshop Gallery and currently serves as Development Director for BFF Omaha, an arts non-profit that builds community through arts engagement. Over the last 8 years, they have provided free arts programming to the Omaha area and created hundreds of economic opportunities for working artists.

Along with their work in the non-profit sector, Little values community engagement and gives their time to amazing organizations that support femme futures such as Omaha Girls Rock and the national TTT Society.

Caitlin is an honoree of YNPN of Greater Omaha’s 2020 Emerging Nonprofit Leader Award.

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If we have accessible transit, multiple modes of transit, it makes our city thrive; a place that people don’t want to move from, a place that people want to move to. It helps folks out that don’t have the same resources as you. It makes it so that people have choice on the ways that they want to move through the world. — caitlin little

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