Challenging legal injustice through an artistic lens

In this video, Chloe Kennedy and Sharon Cowan from the Scottish Feminist Judgements Project share their work with us. The project invites judges to review cases from the past and rewrite the rulings from a feminist perspective. Alongside this, a number of artists were chosen to use the cases as stimuli, creating sculpture, music, poetry, illustrations and more, in response to the events.

About the speaker

Speaking truth to power: challenging legal injustice through an artistic lens

Sharon Cowan is the Professor of Feminist and Queer Legal Studies in the Law School at Edinburgh University. She teaches criminal law, gender, sexuality and law, and refugee law, and is passionate about feminist theory and activism, feminist pedagogy and cycling. She is currently involved in a project working with trans people, talking about their experiences of equality and discrimination. For the last two years, along with Chloë Kennedy, Vanessa Munro and Jill Kennedy-McNeill, she has been coordinating the Scottish Feminist Judgments Project. This has been an incredibly powerful and enriching experience and has often been the thing that has made her want to get out of bed in the morning.

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