CreativeMornings/Edinburgh host charts the ups and downs of their local chapter’s story

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We want to inspire by example. By that we mean, we always make sure to have a really good gender balance on stage, as well as people of different ethnicities. So, we mean real people, with real jobs, with real stories - so that people who come along and see someone that looks like them, and they can stat to be inspired. — Alex Durussel-Baker

We did something which I think we're not often allowed to do in life, but I would highly encourage it, we stopped. [...] And this kind of mad thing happened. As soon as we allowed us space to think, suddenly we had all the ideas, we didn't even take those two months off. — Alex Durussel-Baker

[The morning of Brexit], the theme of the month was Broken. So that was pretty special. And the icebreaker tag question chosen by the speaker was: "What needs fixing?" You couldn't make this up. — Alex Durussel-Baker

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