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Three Years of CreativeMornings/Edinburgh already! To celebrate this milestone we are putting on not one, not two - but four creative “shorts” - all inspired by the monthly global theme of “Anxiety” and in combination with Scotland’s 2018 Year of Young People.

One speaker a day will be tantalisingly revealed leading up to tickets being released on Wednesday 17th January. Watch this space!

This special evening edition that will also include delicious snack and musical talent is made possible thanks to the support of our awesome partners Amiqus, Signal, Designit, Orbit, Eastern and FreeAgent.

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Mary values equality. She values her own ability to construct her own image, her public image, and to have control over that. And she values her independence, in being who she wants to be. You could say that society is infringing on her ability to express her values. — CreativeMornings Edinburgh

The aim of the John Byrne award is to really get people talking about values, so that they can come to a greater understanding of what meaningful means for them; what a meaningful life means to them and, therefore, hopefully lead a meaningful life. — CreativeMornings Edinburgh

We live in a society today where we're bombarded by lots of messages, from all over the place. If their engaging us in thinking about things that maybe we don't value, then that's going to create tension. And maybe it's not healthy tension, but there's going to be a torque there pulling us - and, that could be one way that anxiety comes into our lives. — CreativeMornings Edinburgh

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