I’m gonna write a love letter to myself. You’re gonna hear it, hear it. Love letter to myself… You’re gonna hear it right now.

Whether she’s touring or performing and recharging at home in Omaha, Jocelyn, 22, operates at the intersection of ambition, creativity and drive. We’re celebrating our third CreativeMornings/Omaha birthday with an exclusive performance and insights into how an incredible young talent found herself through her music.

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From busking on the streets of her hometown in Omaha, Nebraska, to wowing the audience at Harlem’s world-famous Apollo Theater, singer-songwriter Jocelyn knows how to shine for a crowd. The 22-year old musician, armed with her powerful voice, mesmerizing stage presence, rhythmic guitar playing, and tireless work ethic, puts the heart into Heartland, utilizing her natural talent and mature perspective to connect with listeners no matter what venue she plays.

Jocelyn has captivated audiences around the world through her earnest music videos and performances. Her first single, the uplifting and infectious SPEAK UP, is about a personal bullying experience she endured and how she worked to overcome it. Written during a session in Los Angeles with producer Denny White, the song came to Jocelyn like lightning and the pair had it finished in under an hour. “SPEAK UP is about turning negativity into positive energy instead of letting the bullies drag you down,” she says. “It’s about realizing that you are your own individual, so speak up and live by example.”

That theme of self-empowerment carries across not only her new music but her entire life. “I want to sell records, sell out arenas, make great music for people to connect to, and inspire a movement of self-love.”

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‘Love Letter’ is about being tired of being negative and just wanting to be confident and knowing that it’s okay to be confident. When I sing the words, I am reminding myself and I am reminding other people that it’s okay to want to love yourself and be confident in yourself, no matter what. — Jocelyn

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