The magic of filling gaps between what people want and a brands promise

About the speaker

Anthea Poulos, more commonly known as AntheaKnowsBest, lives a multi-faceted life that can be loosely defined in three parts. Part one, or day-to-day Anthea is a youth culture specialist & strategist of brand consultancy The Bread, using her immense knowledge and understanding of culture to assist brands, both local and international, in engaging with their audience. Part two is artist management Anthea, who manages musician Stilo Magolide and is heavily involved in the local Jozi music scene. Part 3 is what got her the moniker AntheaKnowsBest. Mostly due to her persona and her appreciation for all things nice, from streetwear to decor, she has become the go to person for advice. Whether you need to know how best to throw a small event, or you need advice on how to get that job you want, Anthea is the person you want to listen to over a coffee.

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