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AlMusallam started his career with Volvo Manufacturing in Floyd, Virginia (USA) as a Process Improvement and Industrial Planning specialist. He then moved to Saudi to work for the oil and gas giant, Aramco, as a project engineer responsible for the completion of several oil heads in the eastern and southern provinces. While he was in Aramco, he co-founded Fonjan, a boutique creative studio, with his sister that served more than 300 clients since its inception in 2013 up until its closure in 2018.

In 2014, he was assigned to head Strategy and Business Development activities for Naif Alrajhi Investment (NRI) undertaking the responsibility of Private Equity along with the company’s strategic planning and marketing efforts. He managed a portfolio of more than 25 SME’s in 8 different sectors located in Riyadh, Dubai, and London. His process improvement/project management background supported his efforts in driving the portfolio to witness triple-digit growth rates during his management tenure.

He recently joined MiSK Foundation to handle its global strategy and partnerships and act as MiSK ambassador on a global stage. In his spare time, he enjoys writing, reading, speaking, and traveling. AlMusallam holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Systems Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic State University (USA).

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