Diana Buluga speaks on using the intensity of your anxieties in doing what you are good at

‘Anxiety is a challenging theme especially for a generation like ours. We are that type of people who work a lot with deadlines. We are that type of people who often are under time pressure, under social demands. We are people who – at least from my perspective – fight various battles. Some are individual, other are in groups. Maybe many of you know that soon we will reach 365 days since Romanians are protesting [against the government]. It is a fight which, in my mind, correlates with anxiety.’

‘When I think about anxiety, I think about insecurity. I think about suffocation, I think about muscle contractions, I think about nausea and last but not least, I think about fear.’

‘I realized that the fear that i feel, that panic I have [when I enter the hospital], can be transformed. It can be radically transformed. Meaning that I that its intensity and transform it in something good. If i take that intensity from fear, from anxiety and use it in what I am good at, in my case theatre, I will change something. Firstly for them and as a consequence for me also.’

‘I overcame the fear of disappointing. I overcame the fear of making mistakes. I overcame the fear to come today here, in front of you and talk about my fears. Thank you’

We will soon have English subtitles for this video. So stay tuned :)

About the speaker

Diana Buluga was born in the fiery fields of Moldavia, but decided to come to the laid-back plains of Transylvania where she attended Acting Classes at the Faculty of Theatre and Television. After graduation, along with former colleagues, she founded a company called Create.Act.Enjoy, which focuses on theatre, film, art therapy, social change and programs for personal development. Since 2013, Diana has also been working at the National Theatre „Lucian Blaga” from Cluj-Napoca. Her professional activity both in the independent and the state sector offers her a vast artistic experience. A free spirit by birth and always open for new challenges, she embraces art in all its forms: social, political, purely artistic or simply absurd; as this is the life of a bold creator in this ever-changing world.

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