Treana Peake speaks on what it’s like to grow up receiving charity, finding inspiration, and giving back.

February 2, 2013 was our second month of unified themes at CreativeMornings with over 5,000 attendees on six continents gathering to hear speakers address the topic of “Money”. CreativeMornings/Vancouver was proud to host Canadian fashion designer and philanthropist Treana Peake.

Treana spoke about what it’s like to grow up receiving charity, finding inspiration, and giving back.

A few notable comments by Treana: 
"In a heavily saturated market with a million great causes, how do you get your story heard?“
 "Why does fashion have a larger vision or voice than philanthropy?” 
"The idea that I could combine passion with my talent to create change truly inspired me.“
 "When I travel the world I look for the need and the way I’m going to creatively present it to you.” 
"I don’t think we ever know how much reach we have when we truly put ourselves out there to give.“

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About the speaker

Treana Peake is a Canadian fashion designer. In 2005 she founded Obakki, a luxury brand that focuses on urban, easy-to-wear and effortlessly cool clothes for women.

Treana believes that collaboration and innovation are the keys to staying current in fashion; her sexy styles evolve season after season thanks to the eclectic input from the fashion collective she oversees. Recently her collections have been featured in top fashion publications such as Vogue, InStyle, and WWD. Her modern vision and progressive working methods have paid off: the Obakki flagship store in Vancouver, Canada won the Governor General’s award, and Obakki retail points span the globe.

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