what’s beautiful about kaleidoscopes is that they show us a different perspective, they are a metaphor in themselves, not just objects.

“What is lovely about this object, about this craft, is that it is not just an object in itself it is not just an object that you look at, it is an object you look through, to discover the world in various forms. I love kaleidoscopes since i was a child.” “Four years ago, what i thought about, what became my fundraising project, i put the name of kaleidoscope in my project. it’s minuni.ro - kaleidoscope of good deeds. because what i wanted to show through my project, was the beauty of the world, the good in it, the reasons to keep on believing.” “They (kaleidoscopes) as objects contain three elements that define everything that we love. And that’s beauty, complexity and simplicity.” “What defines us is what we have on the inside. sometimes, yes we might wear the same shirt at work, but we are very different people. when i realized that we are all kaleidoscopes i tried to go beyond with this metaphor and what is the prism inside of us. And i think one of the mirrors is imagination….the second is creativity… but the prism does not exist without the third…piece of mirror is what we do. what we make, our acts. which shape the world around us and the people around us.” “So we are a sum of moments, of eureka moments and ideas that shape our future for longer or a shorter period of time. The moment when I decided to craft kaleidoscopes, organize workshops and teach people how to craft them changed my life.”

About the speaker

Veronica is a storyteller, fun(d)raiser and kaleidolover, passionate to transform events that can excite emotions into stories and dedicated to spread the good in the world in any form. After graduating Communication/PR and Acting her professional life wandered between writing, organising events, recording audio books and volunteering. In between she took a a leap of faith and took the opportunity to move for a year in Shanghai to study Chinese language.

Four years ago she thought she would like to be a fundraiser and this way make the world a better place so she founded minuni.ro - caleidoscop de fapte bune - kaleidoscope of good deeds, a fundraising and volunteering project that aims to empower people to donate money, time, know-how. Within the project she organizes charity events, each time for another beneficiary, her leading one being #minunipeCamino - the two 910 km walks along the north of Spain, seventy-five days of walking, a fundraising through storytelling project that raised funds for The Heart of Children and was awarded The Best Fundraising Campaign on Galantom platform at People for People Gala in November 2017.

Loving kaleidoscopes since childhood and believing they are the most beautiful objects ever invented she started crafting them three years ago, teaching others in workshops how to build them and how to shape a new perspective to look at the world. Her drive now is bringing them back to life through the manufacture of bespoke kaleidoscopes and workshops that go beyond just craft into the hidden metaphors and magic that shimmer within this optical phenomenon.

Come to meet her at Creative Mornings and listen to her talk on how making things with passion every day leads to crafting your life and how making something with love ultimately leads to making a difference.

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