This time of pandemic is a lot of things. It’s tense. It’s uncertain. It’s also an opportunity. A forced pause to reflect on our all-important purpose.

As much as ever, we need a little uplift – and our two speakers are bringing it. “Sometimes a shadow wins” (thanks singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles), and sometimes it runs up against people like Candi Jones and Naomi Hattaway. Through their own crucibles, they came to define their unique purposes, and they’re encouraging us to do the same.

About the speaker

Candias (Candi) Jones

Candi understands what happens when you don’t have purpose – how it can impact your physical and emotional health, positivity levels and focus. Depression, anxiety, anger and violence all come from a place of lost hope. She’s been through all of these and more. But with purpose, she’s managed to navigate the toughest challenges, become a community advocate and Certified Professional Career and Life coach, launch a business and create a program within a Fortune 500 company.

A recent recipient of the Greater Omaha Chamber Young Professionals 2020 Change Maker award, Candi was recognized as a powerful community advocate and leader in her community who is shaping the lives of generations and changing the way companies do business – all because she finally has recognized why she’s here and what she’s being called to do.

Naomi Hattaway

A Nebraska native, Naomi moved between five different cities in the U.S., and overseas to India and Singapore. In the midst of it all, she’s learned to thrive in the chaos and find her purpose. In 2017, Naomi moved back to Omaha where her story first began. She is passionate about community building and empowering others to thrive, not just survive, in the places they call home. After some time as Program Director at Habitat for Humanity of Omaha, Naomi is still on a mission to address affordable housing and stability for the youth in our city.

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Here’s my ask of you today – pick a problem, any problem and start planning how to solve it. You’re like, ‘Yeah, okay… sounds big, right?’ But look at it this way – until you find something that gets you riled up enough to do something about it, why are you here? Trust me, there’s plenty of mess to choose from – choose one. - Candi — Candias Jones and Naomi Hattaway

I was able to settle into my purpose and I discovered my “only-ness.’ My purpose is that spot only I can stand in because of my experience, my abilities and my story. - Naomi — Candias Jones and Naomi Hattaway

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