Veteran entrepreneur, writer and cancer survivor Rebecca Thomas dives into the flow that gave her strength during the toughest of times.

Photography by Heather Michelle Photography | Video by Starchild Productions,

About the speaker

REBECCA THOMAS is a veteran entrepreneur, expert problem-solver and writer of useful things. Her entrepreneurial career began at twenty-four with a small real estate firm. In 2005 she opened a retail wine bar that grew into a 150 seat restaurant and recently closed its doors. In 2016, Rebecca began consulting to help select clients access the mentorship and clarity that made a difference throughout her own career.

As a freelance writer, Rebecca maintains a weekly email blog on the subject of what makes a good life. Her work centers on the idea that the examination of the self is a worthwhile endeavor that can contribute a greater good to society at large.

In March 2019, Rebecca showed us how to flow like water. We are glad to have her back, naturally.

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What do people get wrong? What do you see that others don’t? What subject interests you that is being passed over by everyone else? That is where the start of your story is. — Rebecca Thomas

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