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Bri Emery, designlovefest

Speaking in Los Angeles, art director and blogger Bri Emery shares her triumphs and heartbreaks along the way to discovering her passion as part of December’s theme of Make.

11842433443_a14dff7eff_b Photo by Ryan Morgan.

If you aren’t familiar with Bri, she is the founder and editor of designlovefest, a lifestyle blog with an eye for design in style, DIY, food, travel, entertaining and more. With an enticing and recognizable aesthetic, Bri’s styling, creative direction and design has transformed the designlovefest studio into an arthouse creating original concept campaigns for countless brands.

11842127955_86be0397ef_b Photo by Ryan Morgan.

In her talk, Bri looks back through her career path—digging deep into her highschool journay—to connect the dots of different experiences and find how that shaped the person she is today. Bri weaves the different threads of her life together to share a tale of how she quit her job to do what she loved, never looking back.


Surrounding herself with great people and bringing a vivacious energy to the table seem to be recurring motifs in Bri’s story, vital to her success and happiness. Like every epic, however, Bri’s is not without obstacles, and she shares those vulnerabilities and struggles with the audience.

A fantastic watch for anyone looking to discover their passion and find joy in their work, watch out Bri’s talk here and share your thoughts over on the talk page here. →


11842926866_daa052f3cf_b Photos by Ryan Morgan.

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