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Stop shooting, We love you

One of the most powerful talks of our month around bravery, Vanessa German speaks at our Pittsburgh chapter on how love is the only way to stop violence and hate. Everything she knows about bravery, she says, she learned through love and love is what is helping her stop the shootings in her neighborhood.


Vanessa is an award winning multidisciplinary artist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s historic Homewood neighborhood. Vanessa is an actress, playwright, sculptor, performer and educator. She has pioneered a performance style called Spoken Word Opera; a dynamic hybrid of spoken word poetry infused with the theatrical elements of Opera, Hip Hop, and African Storytelling.

Vanesa is also the founder of, “Love Front Porch” and Homewood’s Art House, and the “STOP SHOOTING, WE LOVE YOU” yard signs.


In this Pittsburgh talk, Vanessa shares her powerful story on how she is fighting to stop shootings in her neighborhood through love and art. Watch the talk. →

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