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October 30, 9:00am • your computer! This event will be held virtually. • part of a series on Transit

Hey friends! This month’s speaker is internationally touring magician, comedian, and actor Lee Terbosic! He will be helping us explore the theme Wonder. 

Time — we measure it, we complain we don’t have enough of it, we treasure it with memories. It’s abstract yet we can very clearly see it and we can very intimately feel it. So often we’re asked: what do you make with your time?

December’s theme was chosen by our Edmonton chapter, illustrated by Kelly Mellings, and presented in partnership with FreshBooks. In 130 cities around the world, the CreativeMornings community and speakers are tackling the messy, fleeting, nebulous beast that is time.

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Lauren Goshinski is no stranger to work… 

Goshinski is a cultural producer and artist who creates platforms for experiencing emerging music and new media art.

In 2010 she co-founded VIA, a festival and year-round event series that brings together early and mid-career artists and musicians from around the world. She works across a broad network of organizations from universities to museums, galleries, nightclubs, pop-up venues, as well as independent promoters and artist groups to create experiences that reflect the intersection of various local and global scenes.

Goshinski works between musicians, performers and visual artists to create experiences that are custom for particular environments and contexts; she curates and provide creative direction for small and large-scale audio-visual performances, immersive AR/VR experiences, live video, and interactive artworks; and she is part of the all-female collective, dadpranks.

On top of it all, Goshinski is a fellow in the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry and staff in the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University. 

See you November 20, 8:30am at the New Hazlitt Theater on the North Side.

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Ladies and gentleman, what does 6ft 8inches look like in the US Senate race? How about the “shockingly” unconventional and tattooed Mayor of Braddock, John Fetterman, who we’re thrilled to present as our speaker this month. Mark your calendar for Friday, October, 23. 

It doesn’t get much sweeter than this… our September speaker is an amazing, incomparable leader in the arts and education, Mr. Bill Strickland, CEO of the Manchester Bidwell Corporation  >

Join us on Friday, 9/25, at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Homewood. Ticket registration opens on Monday, the 21st.

Hey Pittsburgh Creatives - this month’s event will inspire you to get up and take ‪#‎Action‬! CreativeMornings/Pittsburgh is proud to present Emmai Alaquiva, 2008 Emmy Award winner and 2013 daytime Emmy nominee. Through his work in the film, music and radio industries, Alaquiva prides himself on serving the community to his fullest extent, often going above and beyond to ensure that youth in Pittsburgh receive all the advantages in the world.
A special thanks to our partners The Sprout Fund for sponsoring this month’s event. Sprout supports innovative ideas that are catalyzing change in Pittsburgh.
Mark you calendar for Friday, August 28. Ticket registration opens on Monday, August 24.

Our theme this month is Collaborate and CreativeMornings/Pittsburgh is excited to showcase Debra Lam, Chief of Innovation & Performance for the City of Pittsburgh and a member of the executive cabinet under Mayor William Peduto. Debra has over a decade of international experience in governance, sustainable and strategic development, policy analysis, and project management. She has criss-crossed sectors, from non-profit organizations to the federal and local governments, and has developed a network of global external partners to capitalize on the opportunities, resources, and research in her field.

Photo: Chandler Crowell

Our theme this month is ‪#‎Revolution‬, and we’re proud to present artist, activist, and entrepreneur LaKeisha Wolf. With more than fifteen years experience in community organizing, LaKeisha is a pioneer of cooperative development. As the Executive Director of the Ujamaa Collective, a non-profit based in the Hill District that supports craft enterprises owned by Africana women, LaKeisha embodies her commitment to social justice and her choice to lead as a revolutionary.
A special thanks to our partner Repair The World: Pittsburgh for making this event possible through the donation of venue space.
Mark your calendars for Friday, June 26. Be the revolution!

Time to gear up and nerd out over this month’s theme. Our May event features a brilliant mind from the world of ‪#‎Robotics‬, Illah Nourbakhsh, director of the CMU CREATE Lab and the Robotics Masters Program at Carnegie Mellon University.