Cori is a haptic activation workshop expert. Her mantra: “Making is part of thinking and feeling … thinking and feeling are part of making.”

Hidden knowledge, hidden sources of ideas, hidden talent … that’s what Cori Moore is after in her workshops. Her clients are mainly managers and “non creative” people. In her Creative Mornings session she tries to infect designers, photographers, and creative strategists with her tools. So, she put a hidden LEGO duck-construction-set under each attendee’s chair, containing six bricks. See how and what the Berlin-CM guests have learned from that duck hunting …

About the speaker

Cori is a self-proclaimed ‘non-creative’ who used to work in suicide research (of all things). Now, working under the umbrella of qualitative market research, she spends her time bouncing around Europe, collecting sparks & ideas and persuading men in grey suits to craft things out of play-dough. Stationed at Point-Blank International’s communication hub & idea workbench, Cori is all about spreading the word about haptic thinking & making ideas tangible.

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    Profile luger

    The hidden surprise under the chairs was super clever and creative. I love how it immediately lifted everyone's spirits.

    Luis Rivas