The joys and tribulations of experiencing creative destruction

What do you do when your industry changes beneath your feet and your career path dead-ends or vanishes? We faced that in print journalism a decade ago. Our response was to start a company making a product that our potential customers weren’t even sure they wanted. Today we claim some national brands as clients for our creative video agency. Our presentation shares ways of thinking that helped us navigate major disruptions in a creative industry. Change happened to us, and it could happen to you. Let’s try to experience it on our own terms.

About the speaker

Jason Houston and Hal Clifford are refugees from the collapsing world of print journalism who decided to reinvent themselves through video. They built their Boulder-based agency, Take One Creative, on their skills as text and photo journalists. Today they make videos for mission-driven organizations like Whole Foods Market, The Nature Conservancy and Storey Publishing to help them connect with audiences in a compelling, authentic fashion.

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