“I feel far more nervous now in front of you than if I was completely naked”

In September, we heard from Topaz Pauls, events organiser, artists’ model and arts teacher. Topaz Pauls joined us this month to discuss what it means to be a muse. As a life drawing model, Topaz has been the subject of thousands of pieces of artwork. In other words, her face has been interpreted a thousand different ways. In her talk, she discussed how life modelling has shaped her perspective on body image. Topaz also spoke about the liberating nature of life modelling, and the connection between artist and stimuli. She gave us her perspective of the benefits of life modelling beyond paint on paper.

About the speaker

“Do you see yourself in it?” An artists model’s experience of self image.

Topaz is an art events organiser; an artist’s model; an artist; an art teacher. For her drawing events platform, she brings together multi-disciplinary artists to create drawing events that showcase the finest creatives from Edinburgh and beyond. As a model she lends her image to the eyes and lenses of visual artists. Her own drawing and painting is most enjoyable when it’s done in secret, sketching snoozers on trains. Having absorbed by osmosis so much art tutoring, she occasionally teaches life drawing.

Painting by Ewan McClure

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