You can be anyone in a video game.

Zoyander joined us to talk about their research into gender identity and the role video games play in helping people in the journey to acceptance, and as a medium to display the research results.

About the speaker

Zoyander is an artist-researcher and critic; they have been working at the fringes of indie videogames for almost a decade, but their practice also involves other forms of media art and (mis)uses of technology. After becoming increasingly sensitive to the limitations of linear text, they began mediating research in interactive and tactile forms, in order to surface ambiguity and allow mess to stay messy. Led by ethnographic and historical research, they create lo-fi glitchy games and custom hardware for festivals, galleries, and museums. They like to work with toxic garbage, be that through recycling old computers that were destined for landfill, or through recontextualising trauma in history and ethnography.

Zoyander will be joining us for #CMspectrum. Ahead of their talk why not watch their film Skeleton in a Beret

They have also been featured on the Our Favourite Places website

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