You get lost, you get found. It’s a cliché but you lose yourself, you find yourself

In November we heard from Laura Meek, a photographer based out of Edinburgh. As Laura tells it, she picked up a camera with her dad when she was a child, and never looked back. A few years ago, Laura moved from America to Scotland. It was here that she got lost, and then found home. We were struck by Laura’s honesty and her ability to gently articulate that feeling we all come across from time to time. She brought humour and an openness to our morning audience. “There’s that feeling of isolation, but it’s also open playing fields’ on moving to a new country. Forcing myself to be lost in a new city was also forcing myself to find things.”

About the speaker

Lost by Chance Lost by Choice

Laura Meek, a photographer based in Scotland and working between Edinburgh and London, is best known for her portraiture, commercial and fashion campaign work. She studied Fine Art Photography in America and was trained in traditional darkroom methods of analog photography. With a mission of producing work that pursues the delight in honest beauty and quiet curiosity, finding beauty in the ordinary amidst the moving world is a driving force behind her work. With a passion for film photography and unscripted journeys, the comeliness, mystery and romance within life and nature inspire her instinctive connection and interpretation of the world she navigates through.

Her series, “Reverence” is a retrospective collection from the past three years across Scotland and the Pacific Northwest, shot on classic Kodak film.

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I had no idea at the time that all of these opportunities would come of it, so you never know what will happen when you find yourself in these times, and if you're able to create in these moments where that's all you can do, you're kind of stripped of everything else you can possibly do, all you can do is kinda resort to what makes sense to you - I think that is the time to, y'know, carpe diem, make it happen. — Laura Meek

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