Enjoy getting lost with Sharon Roberts

Sharon Roberts is one of our regular CreativeMorning/Derby community members and a long time friend and mentor of our host Tim Elliott. In this talk she goes all audience participation and wears her pyjamas … No more spoilers form me, you’ll just have watch.

About the speaker

Sharon Roberts- “The unsuccessful Entrepreneur”
Speaker - Business Consultant - Resilience coach.

Having been in business and Personal Development for over 22 years, I’ve worked with some incredible people (and some people I didn’t like) brands and Organisations. In this time I’ve discovered that if you mindlessly follow the hurd sooner or later you will fall into the Sheeps poop!

I’m all about bounce back ability and understanding that wherever you come from and whatever your circumstances, through hard work, determination and resilience anything is possible.

I’m super EXCITED to be Novembers speaker on “Lost” so hold on tight to your BIG creativity pants because it’s time to move over into the fast lane.


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